the wall


camera: LC-A+, film: lomography 400

how good is washi tape? Easiest way to arrange (and rearrange) my favourite photos, art, and postcards in my room wall. 
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4 little notes:

Marie-Lu said...

oh , so beautiful ! ♥ now I edit my photo's with instagram and eyeem.... but the real pictures still remain the best ! !
srry my english is bad ! but I'm a little teenage girl ( 13 ) and I live in Belgium :) . big credits to google translate! ♥ :)
Marie lu

♥ Nadine said...

That looks cute - I need to try it, too. :) Thanks for sharing such a simple, yet glorious idea.

Have a great week. xo.

reread said...

Love the washi ...

Victoria said...

Simple and pretty. What a wonderful idea! Now I have to go get some more washi tape!